Designer Handbags - Let Yours Define Your Individual Style

Handbags are not accessories. These are in fact quite an important part of your complete attire. Since you would rarely go out without a handbag, it becomes important that the one you carry is decent, reflects your style and matches your clothing. It is not necessary that you must always sport a designer handbag! Today, the online portal has opened up a wide range of handbags and purses to choose from. You can in fact personalize the handbags to represent your style statement.

Let's look at different purses/handbags available in the market today:

Hobo bags made of leather or suede can actually be very glamorous for evening parties and dances. You can carry one for one of your shopping sprees as well. Pick up one with sequin work and some gem stones and your glamorous look is half done! All's left is a lovely dress and a great pair of shoes!

Cigar box purses are quite revolutionary in its make considering that it is made of actual wooden cigar boxes, draped in soft fabric with handles and clasps and images from the early 1900s giving it an authentic old-time look.

Shiny golden, silver or metallic clutch bags, small and petite with metal straps are also great for the occasional parties and evening get-togethers.

Personalized purses can range from purses with photographs of you, your family, of your dogs or your favorite breed of dogs to your initials being stitched or embossed on the body. These handbags or purses can come in different shapes and sizes and are excellent for college, casual work and outings. You can have the initials embroidered as well giving your purse the "old country" look! Small leather purses with simple strings and one or two initials are also quite popular these days.

Monogrammed handbags and totes: No one can deny the charm of monogrammed products whether it is your handbag or your wallet. Monogrammed on leather, embossed to give it the classy look, these purses can be of great style and can be used by anyone and everyone. Choose the color that best suits and viola you have elegance draped on our shoulders! Although tote bags are considered casual, to dump things in and carry to the beach, a monogrammed tote bag can be very whacky if styled correctly with bits of embroidery and bead work.

Last but not the least is the cloth bag with great flower patterns ideal for the spring and the summer. Cool and chic, cloth bags can go with most casual wear and are generally pretty spacious. Cloth bags with denim patches have always been popular and you can just grab one on your way out and you won't look old-fashioned. The best part of cloth handbags is that it can be maintained very easily. These days there are reversible bags. You can reverse the cloth bag and it will still function the same way very neat and cool!

So what are you waiting for? Go online and grab a handbag of your choice!


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