Celebrities and Eyeglasses - The Fashion Trends

Designer eyeglasses have now become not only an important sight correction aid, but also a popular fashion accessory. Earlier eyeglasses were once considered the accessory of only book smart individuals, but now they have become mainstream fashion statements. We are now seeing the emergence of celebrities wearing these designer glasses as well as celebrity endorsements for a particular eyeglass brand. It is now common to see celebrities such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jamie Fox, and Jessica Simpson, sporting funky and chic eyeglasses in magazines and online fashion blogs. As the demand for eyeglasses increases, the demand for these celebrity glasses will also be on the rise.

With the increasing demand for eyeglasses, more designers are entering the market with designer eyeglasses that are available in varied shapes, colors, and sizes. Celebrity worn eyeglasses are giving eye designers a new method of reaching young consumers. They are reacting to the demand for designer glasses by creating a host of eyeglass wear that includes reading glasses, classic eyeglasses, and bifocals. These eyeglasses come in a host of modern designs creating many new fashion trends.

There are a number of benefits of wearing eyeglasses as a fashion accessory that include:

- They improve eyesight while making the eyeglass wearer look good.
- The eyeglasses can hide poor facial features and highlight good features.
- Whether it is the chic frames or a sleek tint, the stylish design attracts positive attention.
- They are a stylish way to read in public places such as a park or beach.

Consumers are reacting positively to celebrities who sport fashionable eyeglasses. The makers of Crizal Alize(tm), a new anti-reflective eyeglass lens, asked more than 3,000 men and women about their opinions on eyeglasses that included such aspects as celebrities wearing eyeglasses as a fashion statement. The results from the survey revealed: "Britney Spears tops the charts for being rated the sexiest eyeglass-wearing celebrity among men (44 percent). For women, it was Richard Gere, who topped their list at 35 percent. Nearly half (46 percent) of the general population would consider wearing glasses as a fashion accessory, even if they didn't need them."

As well, celebrities such as Paris Hilton have tapped into the eyeglass market by launching her own line of sunglasses. The paparazzi may have fueled the fashion eyeglasses trend by snapping pictures of celebrities' personal lives, but eyeglass designers and fashion organizations have tapped into the market by coming up with chic and trendy eyeglasses. For instance, supermodel Kate Moss often has her picture taken wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers as she is leaving her home. Also, famous designers such as Scojo, Amy Sacks, and Vidivici, are now creating their own line of eyeglasses.

A pair of quality designer eyeglasses is chosen to accentuate one's appearance. You do not have to go to Hollywood to pick up a pair of trendy eyeglasses. There are many online websites that offer the same eyeglasses that you see celebrities wearing. As well, there are now extensive lines of eyeglasses to meet everyone's needs. Fashion conscious individuals can now afford to copy the fashion tastes of their favorite celebrity. Celebrity eyeglasses are the perfect choice for young people who want a stylish and well-priced fashion accessory.


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