Designer Jeans - Let Your Designer Jeans Make A Fashion Statement

Ok so you have to choose between jeans and don't know which ones are meant for you. You hate the dilemma and think all of them are meant for you! Just relax and don't freak out, you need help so just read on.

Some tips will work as a blessing for you when it comes to choosing a perfect pair of jeans. Jeans are meant for all kinds of tall, short and average sizes. So you must know which one will work for you.

When you enter the jeans sections you will probably end up freaking out where to begin and which ones to try out. A few tips can help you shortlist the options and make your shopping experience much easier.

Tips for choosing the right pair of jeans

Before you choose to buy jeans you have to decide which pair of shoes will go with it. The heel of a shoe is the key factor in determining the kind of looks the jeans will give to your body once it flows down your legs.

-Keep in mind that you have to leave margins for the pair of jeans to shrink after their first wash. The size will alter a bit and so will the shape so keep that on the list of tips.

-If you have nice abs then a low-rise jeans will really do the trick of showing them and make heads turn.

-Boot cut designs are wider at the point of leg openings and a little loose in fitting through leg lines.

-Flare jeans have a wide opening at the lower leg and are fun to wear.

-Stonewashed jeans appear faded and funky

-Distressed jeans are designed with shredded fabric appearance, holes or even crinkle which give it an appearance as if it is worn out.

-Dark colored jeans suit night occasions perfectly.

-Take a look at what body shape you have and you will be able to choose the right pair of jeans to go with it.

-If you are a bit chubby then boot cut jeans can give you the slender proportionate look and make your legs look curvy. Darker colors will easily hide any bulges you have.

-If you have a slender body then flared jeans will look very nice on you. If you have flat abs then low rise jeans will also appear sexy and appealing.

-Athletic bodies go well with boot cut jeans to compliment the narrow hips. Low rise jeans are also suitable for such body shapes.

-True Religion as well as 7 is the latest and trendiest design for jeans lovers today.

Jeans are no longer just worn casually. Designer wear jeans are now worn on semi formal occasions just as frequently with formal tops and heels.


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